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WELCOME to FAME ALL STARS!!! 12 years strong and counting.  We are excited that you have chosen to be a part of our program and hope that you have a long and rewarding relationship with the FAME family.

Over the last 12 years, FAME ALL STARS has established itself as one of the top All Star Cheerleading programs in the Country. To date our teams have accumulated over 425 National Titles, 100’s of State Titles, numerous Grand Champion Titles, 51 bids to the Cheerleading Worlds, along with numerous other impressive specialty awards. By attending some of the most competitive and prestigious tournaments in the World, our athletes and teams have made a name for our program and have solidified FAME All Stars a successful and respected program that ranks among the nation’s Elite.

While we are grateful and excited about all of the success our program and athletes have achieved above, what is most important to us is our mission of building self-confidence, self-discipline, team building, and everlasting friendship through cheerleading. We pride ourselves on setting high standards for our coaches, athletes, and parents. We are dedicated and committed to training our athletes to achieve their goals and to believe in themselves on and off the cheerleading mat.

Another amazing thing you will find about FAME All Stars is our World Class Staff. We have the most loyal, talented, credentialed, and experienced coaches in the idustry who are dedicated to seeing our athletes through to reach their fullest potential. FAME Coaches are more than just cheerleading coaches. They are mentors and positive role models for our athletes, and take pride in watching our athletes grow each day in life and in cheerleading.

Although FAME is one of the biggest programs in the country, we are a FAMILY. Above all else, we pride ourselves on having a wholesome, positive, and encouraging environment where the cheerleaders LOVE to be! We strongly value sportsmanship, dedication, integrity, caring, and FUN.

When you come to FAME you will train in a top notch facility, be instructed by amazing coaches, and become part of one of the top programs in the country for a lower cost than most of our competitors. We are excited to welcome you to the FAME Family!


Oh my goodness, where do I start? Mackenzie is in her 4th AllStar season and she is only 7 years old.  I think by starting tumble and cheerleading young, Mackenzie has learned a great deal about "healthy competition."  Many children today are told that they are great at everything they do.  As parents, we know this is true :).  Her coaches and her teammates help her to realize where her strengths and weaknesses are and to understand that everyone is not always good at everything.  We all have goals to be better at that "thing" we are working on.  She has learned the importance of practice to meet individual goals and the commitment required to be successful as a team.  She has learned to always do her best and to be proud of herself, no matter the outcome.  Mackenzie also has confidence in everything she does.  She does not doubt herself and always tries to put her best foot forward.  I know this is because of cheer.  These are life lessons that she may not have learned until much later.  We are so very happy to be part of the Fame family. Mackenzie says, "Cheer is very fun and I am always working on learning new skills.  Our coaches at Fame work hard to help us be better tumblers and cheerleaders."  
 Renee/Mom, Mackenzie/AllStar